Hello to my ADHD peeps and ADHD loved ones, 

Summary of my last post… Learning to balance two personality traits and the beginning of mischief.

Simple tasks such as eating at the table were not easy for me. You may ask how sitting at a table and eating like a “normal” person can be difficult, but I had problems with it because my body literally would not stop. I would tap my foot and this in turn would irritate my sister. My sister would then complain about me tapping and kicking her and arguments would ensue. Eating as a family would go well for the first ten or fifteen minutes, but once I became bored it became an all-out war.

My mom tried many different things to keep me at the table, some things worked better than others, but I know the one that worked well was plenty of exercise. I started sports at a very young age and that is mostly because both of my sisters were playing sports and I wanted to spend time with them. I was playing soccer with girls that were seven years older than me at a relatively young age. Luckily for my family the coach was really good at working with me. When I was at my sisters’ practice and messing around on the side line he would create jobs for me that would allow me to help, and allowed me to expend some of that endless energy. This was a great benefit because it made me feel like I was helping and it allowed me to eliminate some extra hyperactivity.

On the next post I am going to talk about my first week at school… I will already tell you that it did not go well.

Crater Lake National Park
Taken at Crater Lake in Crater Lake National Park.

3 thoughts on “Journey Thus Far (Younger Years) III

    1. Had to do something to burn off some energy. I loved hanging out at your practices for club volleyball those are some of my favorite child hood memories.


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