Hello to my ADHD peeps and ADHD loved ones, 

Summary of my last post… Simple tasks are not so simple and the start of physical exercise to prevent trouble. 

Physical exercise can only prevent so much mischief. Some kids like school, some kids despise school, and some kids are just not built for school. I was not built for school. Within the first week of starting first grade the teacher asked my parents to attend a parent teacher conference with her. (This may be a record for quickest parent conference meeting for a new student.) A summary from this meeting straight from the source my mother. The teacher states “This kid has extremely bad ADHD. He needs to go see a doctor and get a diagnosis. Some ADHD symptoms are he gets up in the middle of class and starts dancing, talking and distracting everyone. This problem needs to be resolved ASAP because I can’t teach anything while this kid is causing so many issues.” (Obviously that is very summarized, but I can just imagine the teachers horror as a student gets up while she is talking and starts breaking down some ridiculous dance moves.) 

My parents did exactly what the teacher asked and took me to the doctor. The doctor knew from the age of two that I was going to be diagnosed with ADHD, but he wanted to see how schooling was going to go before he sent me off to a specialist. This was the fuel that was needed to get me seen by a specialist, and believe it or not this was 23 years ago, and I still remember some pieces of my original testing and how badly I did.

On the next post I will talk about my first ADHD assessment with a specialist… Mild ADHD, moderate ADHD nope we are going full blow severe ADHD.

Song of the Week Once In A Lifetime by All Time Low

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