Hello to my ADHD peeps and ADHD loved ones, 

Summary of my last post… I’m casuing problems at school and my family goes to our family practice doctor to discuss ADHD.

Diagnosis day. I remember waking up early for this appointment and being nervous. My parents explained to me that I was going to a specialist that studied ADHD and that they could help me. (I didn’t know I needed help.) My parents loaded up the car and we started our hour and a half long road trip to the closest city to see a specialist. 

Finally, we arrived, and we open the building door. The interior of the office was extremely bright, and it did not feel like a doctor’s office. My parents filled out the paperwork and I sat close because I was unsure of this situation. After what felt like an eternity our name was called. We were taken to a pretty large room and I had to say goodbye to my parents because I had to “play” some games on the computer. After some overly enthusiastic instruction my instructor leaves the room and leaves me alone to play these games. I remember thinking it was weird that they would just leave me alone, but I did what I was told. I played games on the computer… for all of five minutes. Looking back, of course I became distracted, that was the whole point of the testing. From my parent’s recollection it really didn’t take long to see me walking back and forth while I was supposed to be testing on the computer. This was most likely a home run diagnosis for the doctor. A literal dolphin could have diagnosed me with ADHD that day. After a short distraction the poor instructor comes back in sits me at the computer and asks me very politely “Can you do your best to play these games.” Once again, the instructor leaves and without fail I’m out of my seat looking at posters on the wall and trying to determine what shapes and objects I can make out of the holes in the ceiling. 

Looking back, I had no idea that they could see every move that I was making. Once the instructor left, I made sure to wait a little bit of time to make sure that they didn’t catch me not sitting down in my seat because I didn’t want to disappoint them. I wanted to do well on my test. (Needless to say, I failed my test pretty epically, but I believed I was clever.)

Obviously, they determined pretty easily that I had ADHD, and they started discussing treatment options with my parents to figure out a good course of action which would allow me to do well in school and help me socially. 

On the next post I will talk about family life and ADHD…

Never Give Up
You are stronger than you think.

8 thoughts on “Journey Thus Far (Younger Years) V

  1. My oldest son has a history similar to what you recount. That was back in the 1970’s. He had a very dynamic youth, to put it mildly, but eventually got a Masters in engineering. Now he’s pushing 50 and working on his PHD. There is every reason to persevere.

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    1. Very nice I looked into engineering, but pattern recognition is something that I am extremely weak in. Sometimes we take a little bit longer to get where we are going, but we are capable of doing so much good we just have to figure out our niche. Thank you for reaching out this comment made me smile I always love to hear success.


  2. My ex-boyfriend was diagnosed with ADD and the only thing he remembered from his evaluation was that he had to draw a circle, and the evaluator kept making him redo it since he kept drawing it like a lowercase sigma symbol.

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    1. It is hit or miss sometimes. I have had a total of three evaluations. One when I was extremely young. One with the VA that was absolutely strange, and one with my school which had a very caring evaluator that took her job very seriously.


  3. I do some of this testing and I find it unfortunate that the experience you had turned out that way. Children with ADHD are some of the most clever and curious people in their schools. While other kids were learning one thing after another – you were able to do more than that and needed to be taught differently. You were clever indeed and I hope the tests you were given provided some new opportunities going forward to succeed in class. Thanks for your point of view!

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    1. Thank you for your insight. It is amazing to see someone who tests for ADHD reading some of my stories and I am extremely glad you are here. Thank you so much, and I hope you enjoy some of my stories. Have a wonderful day.


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