Hello to my ADHD peeps and ADHD loved ones, 

DO NOT DO ATTEMPT ANYTHING I talk about in this series because it can be dangerous and we don’t want anyone getting hurt.

While in high school I attended a lot of youth group. During days that I was attending youth group me and my three best friends would have a 3-4 hour break from when school got out to when we needed to start the three mile walk to the church building our youth group was in. The parental approved activity for this extra time was to spend it “studying and completing homework” (I did not study or complete my homework during this time, sorry mom.) What we would do instead is go to the local Burger King and cause mayhem. You may ask, ‘Michel how could you cause mayhem at a small Burger King?’ I counter with, ‘Have you ever heard of Vault?’ Most likely you haven’t, so I will give a short history of Vault. Here are some of the slogans that Vault came up with: “Drinks like a soda, kicks like an energy drink ”, “Get it done and then some”, “Chug and Charge”, and “Get to it.” To some young and dumb high school boys these all sound like great ideas to get supercharged before youth group. So “Get to it” we did because this drink contained 30% more caffeine then a Mountain Dew, so when you and your three friends decide drinking about three medium size drinks of this before youth group is a good, idea you don’t question it. To recap we are young men with an equivalent of about six espresso shots in our system over a period of thirty minutes and we are ready to make some bad decisions. We are asked to go outside after the Burger King staff have decided that we have gotten rowdy enough and they don’t want us breaking anything in their dining room. One of the crazy things we decided to try included seeing who can stand on one of the barstool chairs, karate kid crane style, without falling the longest. In a Burger King dining room… the staff even knew us by name because on Wednesdays we always made a stop by Burger King to “Chug and Charge”. We walk outside the Burger King and almost like it was meant to be, we see a metal shopping cart parked up on a curb…

Song of the Week Only Money by A Day to Remember

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