Hello to my ADHD peeps and ADHD loved ones, 

DO NOT DO ATTEMPT ANYTHING I talk about in this series because it can be dangerous and we don’t want anyone getting hurt.

The metal shopping cart was calling our names like it was just waiting for us to mess with it. We started messing around with the shopping cart, trying to determine how fast we could get it going and seeing what happens when you run into a curb with someone in it. After many crashes during our trial and error experiments, we figured out the smartest way to sit in the cart was to crouch so if the cart fell over on its side you were able to jump out so the cart didn’t crush your leg or worse, your dumb head. We spent the rest of our time before youth group this day crashing this metal shopping cart into curbs and watching each other fly into bushes and anything else we could aim them at in this parking lot. Even though we were having a blast, there was only so much time before we had to start walking to youth group. 

During youth group that night me and my buddies kept talking about how we could use the shopping cart for more of a thrill. We kept thinking of dumb things like having the cart pulled by a car. (We didn’t have a car so that didn’t work out for us.) We thought about pushing it down a couple of the ramps at our school but we didn’t think that would work because the security did a pretty good job preventing hooligans from doing anything. The whole night we tried to come up with the best thrill seeking activity, but no ‘perfect’ ideas arose.

One week later it struck us, there was a ridiculously steep hill at the baseball fields by the library where we would go to play video games after getting kicked out of Burger King. We went over to check it out, and looking down from the top of this hill we knew we only had one option… to go down it with a shopping cart. 

babies are born with 300 bones but adults only have 206
Fun Fact for the Week: Babies are born with 300 bones, but adults only have 206.

One thought on “Story Time (Shopping Carts) III

  1. Some would call it understanding the invariable consequences, or “fear,” but I’d call it a bit of pragmatism. I’ve done stupid, but not so many times stupid that bared its fangs before I agreed to its challenge.


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