Hello to my ADHD peeps and ADHD loved ones, 

DO NOT DO ATTEMPT ANYTHING I talk about in this series because it can be dangerous and we don’t want anyone getting hurt.

I can’t describe the thoughts in my head at this point. I had just watched two failed trials and I’m still convinced this will work. I decide that since the back of the cart lifted up the first time we needed to put the majority of our weight back there. So I asked one of my buddies who’s two years older than me to stand at the back. He has no issue with this because he saw how “cool” the last attempt was. We decide that three people will allow enough weight, so it is “impossible” for the cart to flip. Needless to say we are not physics majors and we did not understand just how cruel gravity can be. We watched a failed rock trial and a failed human trial and we are absolutely convinced that a third trial will work just because we added weight.

There we are three soon to be men looking down the face of a hill knowing this is probably a stupid idea. I look to my one buddy behind me and he is absolutely pumped, he’s yelling, “lets go, lets go” while pumping his fists. I look forward and my other buddy is either praying or cursing us for convincing him to get into a shopping cart destined for disaster. Immediately before we wiggle the cart over the hill I think to myself how are we going to all tuck our heads into the cart if the cart starts to roll. (To late to think about that, adventure awaits.) As soon as the cart starts to descend down the hill my buddy in the front yells, “NOPE NOPE NOPE” and jumps out of the cart, this immediately causes the cart to turn sideways…

the first person convicted for speeding was going 8 miles an hour while in a 2 mile per hour zone
Fun Fact for the Week: The first person convicted for speeding was going 8 miles per hour. The speed limit was 2 miles per hour. He was fined 1 shilling.

6 thoughts on “Story Time (Shopping Carts) VI

    1. I wish I still think of things while sitting at my house wondering wouldn’t it be cool to do … Then I think about it and I just think to myself what am I thinking lol. Well for the sake of all of us don’t ride any shopping carts. Have a wonderful day lol.


  1. You ever jump out of the car while stopped at a red light, circle the car & get back in before the light changes? Disclaimer: Compound fracture Tibia/Fibula & a broken foot. Ha ha!
    Think I got that specific game out of my system. But shopping carts…
    Now I’m thinking of shopping carts. With some kinda motor attached. Thanks!

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    1. Hey I put on the top of those entries don’t try at home, but yes I did do fire drills while in high school where everyone would have to jump out of the car and find a new location and if you weren’t fast enough you were left in the middle of the street.


      1. Yeah, but a cart with a MOTOR! Lol
        Got hit by a car, before I could get back into mine. I didn’t get left in the street though. Ambulance picked me up.


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