Hello to my ADHD peeps and ADHD loved ones, 

DO NOT DO ATTEMPT ANYTHING I talk about in this series because it can be dangerous, and we don’t want anyone getting hurt.

The next events all happen in slow motion in my mind. The cart turns sideways, rolls over, and BAM I get kicked in the back of the head. Before I realize what is happening, I watch my buddy screaming bloody murder while flying out of the cart. I swear he shot out of the cart like a rocket and went sliding down the hill face first until he was able to turn sideways and roll down in a more controlled manner. The cart flips again, and I immediately realize this was a really bad idea. Instead of carting down the hill like I believed was going to happen I am holding on for dear life. My heroic efforts lasted two flips. On the second flip I feel the metal shopping cart land on my hand because I was gripping onto the top side. This caused my other arm to let go and next thing I know I’m flailing down the hill like one of those giant inflatable advertising blow up dolls. At one point I regain my footing but I immediately lose it and am somersaulting down this hill faster than the cart. I make it down the hill and lucky for me the cart got stuck three quarters of the way down so it didn’t knock me out.  

So how hurt am I after this? How many bones did my friends and I break? The answer to that is nothing. A couple of scratches and many stories later we didn’t learn anything from this stunt. I’m not an old man, I’m 28 right now but if I sleep wrong, I end up walking around in the morning like someone punched me in the spinal column ten times. But back in my glory days I was able to partake in a violent shopping cart accident and was immediately able to get up and ask my buddies if they just want to roll down the hill instead because the shopping cart idea wasn’t not working. Of course, we continued messing with this hill for a while because we had time to burn before youth group. 

Thank you for listening to my story and don’t worry this is not the peak of my bad decision making. 


Lassen National Park in California
Taken in Lassen National Park in California

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