Hello to my ADHD peeps and ADHD loved ones, 

Number nine: Discover your learning style

Not everyone learns the same way, so it is important to determine your learning style to know the best ways for you to study. Each individual is unique in their learning style, the main styles visual, tactile, auditory, or a mixed style. At the bottom of this post, I am going to post a link for a twenty-question test to determine your learning style. It is a free and great resource to get started on the road to successful studying, so make sure to take it and figure out which way you or your loved one learns best. There are lots of resources available online with tips to study for each learning style, for example visual learners do well with charts/pictures, auditory learners do well with listening to lectures, and tactile learners do well with flashcards. Also make sure to look up resources for the subject material that you are struggling with. Youtube and Khan Academy are both great resources to learn subject material that you may not have picked up the first time. Khan Academy also has free practice questions for a large variety of subjects. Remember rule one though, don’t get distracted by outside resources.  Make sure to play into your strengths because this is going to create a better learning experience for you, and it is going to allow you to study more effectively so that you can get on with your life quicker. 

Number ten: Positive reinforcement for yourself and your loved one.

One of the biggest things that helps me is just having someone tell me ‘you are doing a great job and I am proud of you.’ It is hard to study, but having an outside party tell you that your hard work is paying off is a huge reward all on its own. It drives me to improve because I know that I am doing the best that I can, and I know that people are noticing how hard I am working. When you finish studying at the end of the day look at what you accomplished and appreciate the hard work you put in. If you wrote three pages to your essay, be proud of that. You worked hard and you deserve to be proud of your hard work. No one can take away your hard work, be proud of yourself, you are great and you are going to make it through this. If you are a loved one help your loved one with this. If they are okay with it, look at their work with them and tell them that you are proud of what they have accomplished. They worked hard and just telling them that you are proud of what they have done will go a long way. 

Creating improved study habits is going to be difficult, but with a little work we are going to make it through this and become better for it. 

Thank you for your interest in staying focused. 


Link to determine your learning style. This is a great resource and I recommend everyone use it to get a better understanding on how you learn so you can play into your strengths.

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2 thoughts on “??? Your Questions ??? (Focused Studying) IV

  1. Thank you this is wonderful. Growing up I always found that it was helpful to have an adult caregiver, teacher, or babysitter just sit with me quietly. Knowing the person was there, even if not engaging with me, was often enough to get me to concentrate and focus.

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