Hello to my ADHD peeps and ADHD loved ones, 

After a long rainy day at Lake Tahoe chasing sunsets that didn’t appear, my wife and I decided to relax and watch a fun movie. Little did we know we were in for a wild ride. I was inspired to start a new series here where I review anything and everything. So here we go, grab your Thunder Sister or Banana Bro because we’re in for a jump over the wall. Today I am going to review The Croods: A New Age. What can I say about this movie other than it is absolutely thrilling from start to finish. We start out with our lovable Croods who are a little less evolved than our new family the Betterman’s.

The movie starts with Guy, our slightly higher evolved friend of the Crood family, looking for Tomorrow which his parents told him to find to protect him from certain death. Guy and Eep, our lovable Crood, are looking to start their own pack. Guy explains to her that he wants a life with more privacy and he wants to start his life with her. To add drama, Grug, the father hears this and sets out to find a place that is perfect for his family to ensure that he can keep his pack together. Grug finds it, but unfortunately the Betterman’s, which look suspiciously like Hipsters today, are the keepers of this Tomorrow. Just as quick as the Croods find this new place they start to realize that this place is not built for less evolved people.

That’s the intro, now for the greatest parts of the entire movie for me. Eep and the daughter of the Betterman family Dawn go on an adventure together. While joyriding her dads ride, a giant tiger, Eep gets to give Dawn her first scar from a giant bee. While trying to keep it together at a family dinner Dawn blows it and tell her parents “I got scarrrrrrrrs.” Like any parents that see their child with a balloon sized hand, they freak out and a huge argument ensues.

If you liked the first movie, get ready for its sequel it has everything you can imagine. It has giant wolf spiders. It has a Thunder Sister grandma with flying hair (literally) and better abs than you or me. And bananas that are the key to safety in an ancient time.

I believe the most important part of the movie is the actual morals behind it. Yes, it is absolutely ridiculous and silly at times, but its morals are one of its best parts. We learn about not judging a book by its cover and in this case not judging someone because they are different from us. A lot of this movie dealt with one group thinking they were better than the other only to find out that that each group had their own strengths and they needed to work together to succeed. It also showed how often times, everyone is just doing what they think is best for the people they love, even if it makes them a giant punch monkey sometimes.  

Don’t be a Bog Water, watch this movie and enjoy it. If I have to give it a rating I give it nine toes up out of… well, nine toes.

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