Hello to all my ADHD peeps and ADHD loved ones,

So what do we know now? After 220 years of seeing, treating, and experiencing ADHD we must have some pretty good knowledge of it. Of course we do, and the current standards are laid out, in my opinion, very clearly. We no longer use ADD, but a new subtype describes the symptoms that were seen in ADD. I will discuss these types from least common to most common forms of ADHD. First, we have ADHD impulsive/hyperactive type. This type is characterized by impulsive and the hyperactive behaviors. These individuals will not have inattention and distractibility like their counterparts. The next type is ADHD inattentive and distractible type. Like this type sounds these are the individuals that are going to have issues with maintaining attention and will be distracted more easily. They will not exhibit the hyperactivity of the other two types. This is the group that was considered ADD non-hyperactive. The last group is what I have, which is the most common group, but never assume everyone falls into this group. This last group is the ADHD combined type and like it sounds these individuals are going to have the impulsive and hyperactive symptoms along with the inattention and easy distractability. 

To finish this off I want to discuss some of the stats that researchers have discovered over time. Between 4-12% of children have ADHD. Boys are 2-3 times more likely to have ADHD combined or hyperactive than girls. This may be due to masking, but only research will tell us this over time. If you are not sure what masking means, it is when someone is concealing their emotions by portraying another emotion. Girls are more likely to do this, and they typically conceal negative emotions like sadness or anger and display a more positive emotion. 

I hope that this post explains some of the history of ADHD and how we have gotten to where we are at now. 

I did end up using some sources and I want to make sure to credit these websites because they were extremely helpful in the research that I did in order to make this post. 



Thank you for reading and I hope that everyone learned something. 

Fun Fact for the Week has already been stated in these last posts, but I will state it again because I think it is important. ADHD can affect people their entire lives. It affects people in childhood, and it can still affect people later in life. All I am trying to get at is to take care of one another we don’t know what other people are going through.

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