Hello to my ADHD peeps and ADHD loved ones, 

Today I am going to talk about the current years because what I am doing right now is just as important as what I have gone through. 

I just ended up finishing my first week of medical school! I have been waiting for this moment for years and the buildup has been insane. Honestly how in the world did I get here. I was a mediocre student in high school who was told by a teacher that I was never going to become anything, but this week I finished orientation at an Ivy league medical school. I have done a lot to get here and honestly at the end of the day I have to just smile and realize that I have made it. I spent years preparing for this moment and it has paid off and that is an absolutely surreal feeling, it’s still hard to believe that I’m no longer working towards medical school, I’m in medical school. I’m not saying these things to brag about what I have accomplished, but I am saying them because I want anyone reading this to know that our dreams are not impossible. They are absolutely difficult. I can’t tell you how many weekends I gave up, how many hours I spent studying, how many times I wanted to give up… but I didn’t. Why didn’t I give up? I truly believe the reason I didn’t give up is because of my ADHD. ADHD has its issues absolutely and these are things that we have to look out for, but if you find a dream and are able to bring your focus in, we can accomplish some amazing things. 

If you are struggling getting into the groove step back and look at the big picture. Personally, I had classes that I absolutely hated taking, but when I took the step back and looked at the giant picture and I was able to see the bigger picture. Yes, taking a general education class like anthropology may not be your cup of tea, but think instead how can you use that class to understand your field better? Let’s say I have to take a math class, well, how can math be helpful for becoming a physician. Alright, let us look at the bigger picture. I need to take math in order to take physics. I need physics to take the MCAT. I need to take the MCAT to get into medical school. I need to go to medical school in order to become an Emergency Medical Physician. Even if there is not a direct line and your job won’t require you to use the information in the classes, they can help you grow as a person and make you work parts of your brain that you don’t normally use. 

For the last part of this blog, I want to say one last thing. Never ever ever be afraid to ask for help. School or work can be difficult. Make sure to create a circle of friends that you can talk with. People who understand that sometimes (honestly most times) you have to stay home and study rather than go out. People who will help you study, who encourage you when you’re frustrated, and remind you why you’re doing the work. I will talk a little bit about social anxiety that is seen frequently in ADHD and how we can battle with that next time. 

As always thanks for reading these and if you have any questions make sure to leave a comment or email and I will do what I can to answer anything that you all want answered. 

Song of the Week Voldemort by With Confidence

4 thoughts on “Journey Thus Far (Current Years) I

  1. Have you read the book Scattered Minds by Gabor Mate? I ask because he had ADD and what he writes about medical school would resonate with you. It is also an incredible book on ADD. I reviewed it on my blog. Good luck and congratulations.

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    1. Thank you so much for the book recommendation I will add it to my amazon list so I can pick it up whenever I thin down my current booklist. It does sound like a good book though. As always thank you for the support.


  2. Thank you for all you’re sharing online. I love reading your stuff. I grew up around a bunch of doctors. So many people in the health science fields seem to be on the spectrum in some way. Perhaps God designs those called to the healing arts to have more objectivity and focus in exceptional ways. Of course, other people tend to affix labels when they don’t understand. I don’t know. What do you think?

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    1. I think that’s a great question it’s also a tough question. I am still very early in my medical school so I don’t have a ton of experience with physicians just the group I have shadowed and physician assistants in the military so I may not be perfect to answer this, but I will try. I think the majority of doctors are trying to do everything they can to help people and I think a lot of that is to try and ensure you are listening to what patients have to say and I think newer doctors are making good leaps at trying to fully listen to a patients physical problems along with emotional and social. So with that all being said I may have to cop out and say I don’t know if more are on the spectrum but I do think a lot of doctors have a great ability of understanding patients and where they are coming from because they have seen so many cases I think they are able to understand that patients are unique and not just a checklist to follow. Idk if that fully answers your question but if it didn’t make sure to leave another comment and I will reanalyze. Thank you for checking in on the blog I love having people keep up with the blog.


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