Hello to my ADHD peeps and ADHD loved ones living with ADHD today I am going to talk about the symptom fidgeting. 

What is fidgeting? Fidgeting is the constant, small movement of the hands or feet and is commonly seen in people with ADHD. It is one of the hyperactive symptoms that people experience. People that fidget with their feet will typically bounce their legs while completing activities while sitting. People that fidget with their hands may use fidget toys or use things in their environment like pencils and continuously move them in some way. I personally fidget with both my hands and feet but have recently had a lot of success with a fidget toy my MIL gave me. People often have patterns and triggers to their fidgeting. It may happen under stress, boredom, frustration, in new situations, or if they’ve been sitting for a certain amount of time, etc. I have found that I tend to fidget more when I am nervous, stressed, and bored. 

There has been a huge increase in the acknowledgement and acceptance of fidgeting from when I was a kid. There are even studies showing that kids who have bike pedals under their desks focus more and do better than kids who don’t, and that’s all kids not just ADHD kids. When I was a kid and I would start bouncing my leg in class, my teacher would point it out and tell me to stop which in turn would cause me to get stressed and cause me to fidget more unintentionally. It is important to remember fidgeting is a natural response and a calm, small way to burn off the excess energy we experience, and that trying to force us to stop will likely cause more of a disturbance and is detrimental to us. 

6 thoughts on “Tap Tap Tap Fidget Tap Tap Tap

  1. I remember fidgeting a lot as a kid myself. Heack, as a adult I STILL do it (states as she wiggles her leg). And I agree. understanding symptoms is so important. There are SO many symptoms. Behavior, Social problems, and even anxiety from what I hear can link to ADHD.

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    1. Absolutely I love everything you say. I’m 29 and still deal with that restless leg, and now that I am older sometimes I will point it out to a friend that I may move my leg and if it is causing a distraction to let me know. I like this new idea for a series that I have been working on with explaining symptoms and ways to cope or use it to work for us day in day out. Thank you for checking out the blog and I hope to see you around more often. Thanks for stopping by.

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