Hello to my ADHD peeps, and ADHD loved ones living with ADHD. Today I am going to create a series called ‘What If?’ If Disney is allowed to do a what if series why can’t I. I am going to preface this with this series is going to be for fun and honestly just to let a little bit of my more creative side out. Don’t take these too seriously and have a little bit of fun with them. It is fun to think of history and add a little bit more substance to it. Without further ado… What if President Abraham Lincoln had ADHD while writing the Gettysburg Address.

For the international readers, President Lincoln was the 16th President of the United States and served during the American Civil War. He managed to end the Civil War with help from General Grant and General Sherman and was able to hold the country together. After this great victory he was unfortunately assassinated by John Wilkes Booth. To this day Lincoln is still considered one of the greatest Presidents. 

On November 19th 1863 President Lincoln delivers one of Americas greatest speeches known as the Gettysburg Address. The battle that happened here was one of the most bloody battles of the Civil War. The Union troops lost about 25% of their troops and the Confederacy lost 33% of their troops. This was one of the most crushing defeats for the Confederacy. As with most of the battles at the time, troops were laid to rest in unmarked graves, but David Wills had an idea for a National Cemetery to honor these fallen soldiers. 

Lincoln was not the main speaker that day and his speech was only around 275 words, yet his remarks would become one of the most influential speeches of all time. His remarks were on human equality and how this pertained to the Declaration of Independence. This Civil War was not for nothing, it was to reestablish the ideas given to us by our forefathers in 1776. 

Now that we have been briefed on our history lesson let’s play ‘What If?’ (Disclaimer: From this point on, this is my imagination of what may have happened and is not historically accurate, the speech was not scheduled to be an hour long.)

President Lincoln comes up to a podium in front of 15,000 people. He is nervous, but he has been here before. He thinks to himself did I wear the right pants, did I remember my speech, I’m sure I put out the fire back at home. Ah forget it, he tells himself, focus, this is not the time to have racing thoughts. 

Everyone is watching and waiting for this larger than life man to pull out his speech and deliver his ground breaking remarks. 

He pats his left pocket nope, its not there. Pats his right pocket, nope still not there. He looks at his aide she eye balls him and signals that he needs to check his jacket pocket. He does and behold 15 pieces of paper folded up multiple times. He unfolds it and clears his throat. He says “Four score and… one minute please.” He looks at his aide signaling he needs his glasses to read the speech. She looks at him and shakes her head he remembers that he left his glasses in the carriage. No time to go back for them now. He breaths and improvises. He planned for this, how hard can it be? He is ready to talk for an hour, that is why he brought the 15 pages, but now he has to salvage the moment. He delivers the Gettysburg Address in two minutes and people are astonished. He looks over to his aide who is baffled by what he just did. 

President Lincoln thinks to himself whoops I think I forgot about 58 minutes of that speech, but I’m sure no one will notice, and he is correct no one notices. President Lincoln summarizes a beautiful speech into something tangible for everyone. He creates a masterpiece in a short period of time. And if I’m being honest I give President Lincoln credit. I always hate attending long drawn out speeches. You have my attention for about five minutes anything past that and I’m thinking about what I’m going to do after this long speech. 

I’m I’m being honest I’m not all that sure that President Lincoln didn’t have ADHD. If you look up information on President Lincoln you will see tons of speculation on whether he had ADHD or not. Whether he did or not we will never know and that’s okay by me I’m counting him as an honorary ADHD member. 

Thank you to Mr. President Lincoln and thank you everybody for reading my ‘What If?’ 

Last remark this post is 3 times longer than the Gettysburg Address.

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