Hello to my ADHD peeps and ADHD loved ones living with ADHD, today I am going to talk a little bit about the symptom intrusive thoughts. This is seen pretty commonly in ADHD and is also found in disorders like OCD. If you don’t have intrusive thoughts that doesn’t mean you don’t have ADHD and vice versa if you do it doesn’t mean you have OCD or ADHD. A lot more goes into a diagnosis then one symptom and that is why I am writing posts on a variety of different symptoms that people experience. 

Intrusive thoughts are unwanted thoughts that can pop into your head without a trigger or warning and preoccupy your thoughts. There are a lot of different types of intrusive thoughts, but some common examples are thinking you will do something embarrassing. There are others such as flashbacks from your past or even more severe ones of breaking laws. 

Just like an annoying song that you can’t get out of your head intrusive thoughts are similar. They can get stuck in your head and you can’t remove it. A lot of people will have intrusive thoughts in their lifetime, but it becomes an issue when it interferes with your day to day life.  

Certain disorders are more prone to having intrusive thoughts including OCD, Anxiety, Schizophrenia, PTSD, and ADHD. It is believed that six million Americans experience these intrusive thoughts. Some things that may pressure more of these thoughts are stress or anxiety and these can be caused by things like developing burn out or not sleeping well. If you are experiencing these symptoms and they are distressing make sure to see a doctor and get a check up so you can get the help that you need. 

Next post I will talk about what you can do about these thoughts and how you can help reduce them and hopefully mitigate experiencing them as frequently. 

As always thank you for reading my post and I will see you next time. 


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5 thoughts on “Get Out Of My Head (Intrusive Thoughts)

  1. Thank you so much for this post because, since I have struggled with intrusive thoughts all my life, it’s certainly a most relevant issue for a lot of people. Happy New Year.

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    1. Happy New Year Mike and you are right. I think a lot of people deal with intrusive thoughts and don’t really think about it because it has become so common place for them. Hopefully a couple of these posts can be helpful for people.

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    1. First off thank you for reading the blog. I am always excited when a new reading comes around. I haven’t done much with regret and guilt, but I will make sure to create a good post about it thank you for the suggestion. If there is ever anything you want to hear about let me know and I will do my best to accommodate. Like i said welcome and thanks for checking out the blog.

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