Motivation From the Bat

Hello to my ADHD peeps and ADHD loved ones living with ADHD. Today is Monday and we all know what that means… Motivational Monday is alive and well. Quote for the day is from Batman (Yes, I am a Batman fan). Bruce Wayne is looking at the destruction of everything his father built. The family … Continue reading Motivation From the Bat

Happy Fall (Don’t Fall)

Hello to my ADHD peeps and ADHD loved ones living with ADHD. “In the Fall the trees remind us how beautiful it is to let go.” (anonymous) I think this is a such a beautiful quote and a great way to enter the coming Holiday season. We often think of losing or letting go as … Continue reading Happy Fall (Don’t Fall)

Apps to Keep you Focused and Motivated

Hello to all my ADHD peeps and loved ones living with ADHD, Finding motivation to check the items off your to-do list can be HARD. It is so easy to pick up your phone and get lost in Facebook or go down a funny pet video rabbit hole on Youtube. But a great way to … Continue reading Apps to Keep you Focused and Motivated

The Little Things

Hello to all of my ADHD peeps, and loved ones This week I challenge you to find things in your life that you are grateful for. I know it can be hard when things are rough, but I think something that will help you get out of a slump is looking at these things. Some … Continue reading The Little Things

Motivational Monday: Learning

With school starting back up for all ages again, I think it’s important to remember how unique every one of us is. Our school system has developed into a very standardized machine that wants to force everyone to fit certain standards and milestones. But that is just not the way it is, everyone learns differently … Continue reading Motivational Monday: Learning